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Margie Smeer Senior editor

Translate Genius is a handy browser add-on that helps you learn a foreign language. This neat add-on lets you quickly view the translation of a word or group of words in a language of your choice.

Translate Genius can either automatically highlight a random selection of words and show you their translation to help you learn that foreign language, or let you highlight and translate specific words or groups of words by yourself.
This simple little browser add-on currently works only with Firefox and Google Chrome. You can’t use it with other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari. Anyway, this is not the biggest problem I have with this application. What bothered me the most is the fact that it lacked a proper tutorial or help system to guide me through the initial setup of this tool. I had no idea how to change the language in which the words are translated until I accidentally clicked the icon from the add-on bar of Firefox. Then the configuration window opened, and from here I was managed to choose the language of the translations. Anyway, this worked only for Firefox, as for Google Chrome I’m still struggling to find a way to access this configuration window. Anyway, this utility doesn’t have any other disadvantages. It is indeed neat and it can prove to be pretty handy. It’s also free, so, despite all the criticism, I still think it’s worth a try.


  • Free.
  • Neat and simple.
  • Supports a large variety of languages.


  • Doesn't work with Internet Explorer.
  • Needs a proper tutorial or introductory help system.
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Publisher's description

Translate Genius is a downloadable application that is designed to provide real-time language instruction while you surf the web.

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